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Horse Mixture

Horse Mixture

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Horse Mixture is a specialist mix for pastures supporting the grazing of horses and ponies. 

Horse Mixture is ideal for horses and ponies because it creates a high fibre, low protein grass sward and tolerates tight grazing. 

Benefits of Horse Mixture 

  • Excellent yield performance for both cutting and grazing 
  • Produces a dense and persistent sward 
  • Minimal poaching due to the smooth-stalked meadow grass 
  • Available with or without mixed herbs high in trace elements 




Perennial ryegrass 


Smooth stalked meadow grass (Kentucky bluegrass) 




Mixed herbs 



Usage guide: Horse Mixture

Sowing rate: 14 kg/acre (35 kg/ha)

Sowing Time: April-September (first week)

Sowing depth: 10-15 mm

Sowing instructions: Cultivate to achieve a fine, firm seedbed. Ploughing will help level rough fields. Sow in good conditions (warm with rain forecast), no deeper than 10-15 mm. Roll well after sowing to ensure good soil/ seed contact. Apply N, P & K as per soil test results and nitrates rules.

After sowing: Monitor for pest attack and take immediate action where necessary. Post-emergence weed spray is advised approx. 5-6 weeks after establishment, prior to first grazing provided herbs are not sown in the mixture. If the mixture containing herbs is sown, weed control should take place before reseeding.

If possible, use sheep or cattle to graze sward initially as this will help tiller out the sward and create a denser sward. Suitable for a hay crop if desired.

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