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Horse Gym 2000

Horse SPA

Horse SPA

Pay in 3 monthly installments

Highly efficient method of cold water application (hydrotherapy) Targeting the lower leg region.

  • Addressing and averting injuries
  • Rehabilitating fatigue-related symptoms
  • Alleviating joint inflammation
  • Remedying infections and skin irritations
  • Endorsed by veterinary colleges


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  • Anti-slip surface
  • Quick filling and draining
    Secure door closure mechanism
  • Sturdy craftsmanship
    Resilient fiberglass reservoir
    Constructed from stainless steel
  • Effortless cleaning and upkeep
    Prevents bacterial colonization
  • Simple operation
    Clear visibility of control elements
    Sleek and modern design
    Accurate thermostat control
  • Insulated reservoir
    2,000-liter tank with insulation
    Saltwater configuration

Horse SPA

The Equine Hydrotherapy Spa harmonizes safety, quality, and peak performance. It offers an incredibly effective cold water application method (hydrotherapy) for treating and preventing injuries. The effectiveness of hydrotherapy has been validated through various studies conducted by veterinary colleges.

Hydrotherapy is primarily employed for the lower legs of horses, focusing on the treatment of tendon and joint inflammation. The saline solution within the Equine Hydrotherapy Spa functions like a hypertonic poultice, facilitating natural wound healing. The inclusion of an air blow (akin to a jacuzzi function) infuses oxygen into the water, thereby augmenting oxygen levels. For recent wounds, the increased oxygen exposure enables notably intensive therapy.

In contrast to the Aquatrainer, where the horse moves on a conveyor belt, the Equine Hydrotherapy Spa has the horse standing immersed. This configuration generates a whirlpool effect, delivering a gentle, two-dimensional massage or a more vigorous and targeted massage. It's also beneficial in the rehabilitation of fatigue-related issues in tendons and ligaments among sport horses.

Therapeutic Impact Hydrotherapy is exceptionally suited for the lower legs of horses.

    • Tendonitis
    • Desmitis
    • Arthritis
    • Shinbone chips
    • Shin injuries
    • Impact injuries
    • Bursa submersion therapy
    • Arthritis
    • Hoof injuries
    • Open wounds
    • Infections
    • Skin irritations