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Equine Care and Equestrian Needs

A diverse selection of products for horses, encompassing massage and magnetic equipment, fly masks, rugs, nose nets, safety headcollars, a variety of horse boots suitable for different purposes.

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Hi Form

Premium ingredients for premium results

Human-grade ingredients, including organic herbal extracts, wild-crafted herbs, top-quality amino acids, vitamins, and mineral tissue salts.

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The next step in the Future of Equine Health

The EquiPod is the only equine device that provides advanced multi-frequency microcurrent in all of its treatment programmes, with hundreds of horses in the UK benefitting from the EquiPod.

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Oxygen Concept

Healthy and ready for action

OxygenConcept is distinguished by its innovative approach to respiratory air product design and its commitment to continuous development.

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Empowering Farms, Enhancing Efficiency with FARM-SERVANT®

Your year-round solution for efficient manure collection, freeing up valuable time for horse owners and staff. From paved paddocks to stable blocks, streamline your maintenance with ease.

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The ideal way for horses to consume their food

Nature possesses the greatest insight into how horses should partake of their meals. Introducing a straightforward and budget-friendly solution to providing your horse with their feeding necessities.

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Horse Gym 2000

Treadmills helping horses move naturally

A cutting-edge series of advanced and technology-driven equine treadmills, embraced by prominent equestrians globally.

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Elite Equestrian Stables

Create and design your dream equestrian premises

Everything from individual stables to expansive commercial operations. Comprehensive support for your equestrian facility needs.

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Emerald Horseboxes

Best and highest quality-built horsebox

Undersanding the necessities and desires of horse owners for a horsebox that is secure, dependable, and constructed with exceptional quality.

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innovative equestrian footing for riding arena construction

Enhanced equestrian footing for performance across all disciplines, including elite levels of Show Jumping and Dressage.

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Foal Aspirator/ Resuscitator

The McCulloch Medical™ Aspirator / Resuscitator Kit is an effective, all-in-one device used to clear respiratory passages and pump air into a struggling newborn animal’s lungs.

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More natural alternatives to boost the immunity by improving the gut microbiome using clinically proven feed additives, supplements, vitamins, or medicines.

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Optimum safety for your horses

Horse fencing ensures safety, prevents overgrazing, and contributes to an organized and appealing equestrian space.

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Meal bins for efficient equine care

Meal bins not only keep feed safe from pests and the elements but also make portion control and feeding schedules a breeze.

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High-fibre, low-protein grass for horses and ponies

A selection of agricultural grass seed blends featuring the highest-ranked varieties, to versatile multi-graze forage crops, catch crops, environmental mixtures, and cereals.

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natural humic acids based products

Unlock the power of Humic acids – proven in research to enhance animal health. From toxin removal and immune activation to pH balance.

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