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Horse Gym 2000

Aquatrainer W2/W2T1

Aquatrainer W2/W2T1

Pay in 3 monthly installments

W2 Step Execution    ca. 10 km/h
W2T1   Trot Execution     ca. 18 km/h

  • Customizable belt velocity
  • Variable water height of up to one meter
  • Compact reservoir
  • Water tank capacity of 4000 liters
  • Effective filtration of solid suspended particles
  • Innovative patented technology involving grass and forest soil
  • Equipped with safety light barrier and emergency stop
  • Comes with two doors.

We prioritize utmost safety for both humans and animals. Furthermore, effortless operation is guaranteed with our submersible treadmill. The ability to control belt speed and water level in the reservoir enables precise tailoring of the horse's needs.

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  • Exceptional sound-absorbing floor

    • Floor quality resembles that of a naturally developed grassy terrain
    • Smoother and more even
    • Facilitating optimal equine movement
  • Customizable water depth

    • Water depth can be easily modified using the push button
    • Adjustable in increments of 10 cm
    • Can function as a standard treadmill without water
  • Enhanced safety measures

    • Emergency control with photocell technology
    • Haults the conveyor belt
    • Drains the water
    • Panic bars for dded security
  • Level incline

    • Additional low-gradient slope and incline
    • Featuring anti-slip surfacing
    • Intended for leisurely strolls
    • Easily manageable
  • Effortless upkeep filtration system

    • Self-cleansing, minimally demanding filter mechanism
    • Consistently observable water clarity
    • Water level gauge
    • The water undergoes recycling
  • Generously sized entrances

    • Two ample doors
    • Facilitate effortless loading and unloading
    • Equipped with rapid-release fasteners
    • Seamless
  • Length:
    6,000 mm
    2,300 mm
    2,000 mm

  • Mass:
    (without special equipment)
    2,000 kg
    Observe the static background

  • Power Supply:
    5 kW / 380 V