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Breeze Up Jockey Whip NH

Breeze Up Jockey Whip NH

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Robust jockey’s whip suitable for exercise, eventing and hunting, as well as general leisure riding. 68.0 cms (26.8 ins) in length. Breeze Up Collection exercise whips comply with the British Showjumping Whip and Spurs ruling effective 1 January 2020: 1. The length of the whip is less than 70cm. 2. There is no binding within 17cms of the end of the “Pad”. 3. The “Shaft” runs through the entirety of the whip. 4. The overall weight of the whip does not exceed 160 grams and the weight is evenly distributed throughout the full length. 5. The “Contact area” represents two fifths of the overall length of the whip and is covered with a “Pad”. 6. The “Pad” is smooth, with no protrusion or raised surface. It is made of shock absorbing material throughout its circumference such that it gives a compression factor of at least 6mm. 7. There is no advertising of any kind on the “Pad”. For further details see

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