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FARM-SERVANT® front attachment FS130FA

FARM-SERVANT® front attachment FS130FA

Pay in 3 monthly installments

The FARM-SERVANT® front attachment FS130FA eco is the unique and patented complete solution for mechanical mucking of paved paddocks, solid pastures, trails and parking spaces. 

  • Complete System: The FS130FA eco provides everything you need for efficient manure collection in one integrated package.
  • Large Capacity: The FARM-SERVANT® collection container boasts a width of 1300mm and a single load capacity of 800kg, minimizing downtime.
  • Universal Compatibility: The FS130FA eco seamlessly attaches to your front loader using the included universal console, ensuring effortless integration with your existing equipment.
  • Durable Design: Powder-coated in a matte green finish, the FS130FA eco is built to withstand the demands of everyday farm.
  • Precise Control: The distribution valve allows for control of up to two hydraulic units, including the collection roller, emptying device, and hydraulic top link, ensuring optimal operation through a control circuit with overpressure and check valves.
  • Convenient Adjustments: The collecting roller features three pre-set heights, enabling tool-free adjustments for various working conditions.
  • Handy Tool Holder: Keep essential tools readily accessible with the integrated holder for two tools.
  • Compact Transport: The effective dimensions of the device ensure easy and efficient transportation between work locations.


  • Height: Adjustable from 1200mm to 1500mm
  • Width: 1450mm
  • Depth: 1640mm
  • Weight: 410kg

Colouring: powder-coated, matt green.



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