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Gallagher MBS2800i

Gallagher MBS2800i


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The most powerful and most intelligent battery energizer in the market - that is the MBS2800i. This strong energizer provides enough power for fencing of up to 80 km. This energizer can be used with a battery and a solar panel or it can be connected to mains. It is versatile, with absolute control over your fencing! The external displays makes it easy to read the performance of your energizer, and together with the optional accessories you can expand this control even further.

✔ Powerful and innovative mains energizer with 21 Joules stored energy for exceptional performance

✔ The energizer automatically adjusts the output to suit your fence conditions while minimising power consumption

✔ The energizer is characterised by the external, weather-proof screen, which is physically separate from the device itself (up to 50m)

✔ Display is used to switch the energizer on/off, to customize the settings and also shows the earth voltage, fence voltage, current and status of the fence

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