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GGT FIBERS (PES Fibers) or GGT BIO VISC (Viscose Fibers)

GGT FIBERS (PES Fibers) or GGT BIO VISC (Viscose Fibers)

  • Application: approx. 200 – 500 g/m² for tread layers with a height of approx. 8-12 cm

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Fibres work as roots in the sand and increase stability and shear strength of tread layers. Above all, fibres are used in sands which are no cohesive and unstable.
Typical applications are jumping courses, racecourses and driving corrals. You can also mix in fibres only! When you have already used a suitable and fine-grained sand, we recommend in this case not to work in too many fibres in the beginning as these riding surfaces will become blunt in the course of years.

PES Fibers are very stable and long lasting. GGT BIO Visc is the biodegradable version.

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About Sand Fibers

Sand fibers are a valuable resource in the world of horse training, offering numerous benefits for both equine athletes and their trainers. These fibers, typically mixed with other materials to create an arena surface, provide a comfortable and supportive footing for horses during various training exercises. The unique texture of sand fibers helps to reduce the risk of injury by providing stability and cushioning, particularly when horses perform high-impact movements such as jumping or quick turns. Moreover, sand fiber surfaces offer excellent drainage properties, ensuring that the training area remains usable even in wet weather conditions. The consistent and dependable footing that sand fibers provide fosters a safer and more productive environment for horse training, allowing riders to focus on refining their horses' skills and building strong, harmonious partnerships.