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Hi Form

Hi Form Proflamaid Plus

Hi Form Proflamaid Plus

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Hi Form’s premium Joint & Muscle Supplement is formulated to assist healing & joint and muscle function by supporting the natural inflammatory and anti-inflammatory pathways.

  • Highest specification natural human grade joint and muscle supplement available in the UK
  • Natural nutrients have a role in the general metabolism and red blood cell formation
  • Assist in maintaining normal nitrogen balance in tissues
  • Entirely unique combination of scientifically proven natural ingredients (Therapeutic Good Administration List in Australia)
  • No fillers, binders, animal derivatives or any ingredient alien to the equine species
  • 1 Kg tub provides 40 days supply for an average horse

Feed as little as 5g per day. A 2kg tub fed at 25g per day will last approx. 80 days


ProflamAid Plus, Hi Form’s joint & muscle supplement, is focussed on the musculoskeletal system of our horses which includes bones, cartilage, joints and soft tissues as, after all, everything is connected. It is formulated to assist & support the healing of normal joint and muscle function by supporting the natural inflammatory and anti-inflammatory pathways. The synergistic action of herbal and nutritional ingredients have a strong effect in helping the immune system and the healing process.

At Hi Form we are all about looking after our equines in the best way possible. We use only natural ingredients using extracts in many cases,  so we capture the power of the ingredient to create a powerfully effective joint & muscle supplement.

Here is a small glimpse of some of the ingredients used in ProflamAid Plus:

Ros Cantina – Assists as an immune protectant and supports; rehabilitation from injury and/or disease, laminitis, arthritis, epistaxis, hoof growth stimulation and is high in Vitamin C.

Curcuma Longa – Curcumin is documented to have anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties; we use it to assist with these conditions.

Yan Hu Suo – assists in alleviating pain, unblocking blood vessels and inflammation.

Mineral Tissue Salts – Biochemical tissue or cell salts are mineral salts that exist in the cells and play a critical role in cellular metabolism.

Milk Thistle – aids with healing damage to the liver from long term drug use, and assists with inflammation, allergies, sensitivities and digestive complaints.

Rue – used as a circulatory stimulant that can assist with wound healing, epistaxis and laminitis.

 Is your horse a little stiff? Coming up a “bit short”? “Just not quite right”? Getting on a bit? Is a youngster being taught the ropes? A Competition horse that is expected to perform at every event? Or do you just want to make sure that your best friend is as well looked after in the joint and muscle department as is possible?

You have landed on the right page

If you do a little more exercise than is normal perhaps a little too much, you are sore, aching and tense. Most of us run for a hot bath/shower and then reach for something to take the pain away. As we don’t mean to overdo it, it is exactly the same for our horses as we are schooling. A new movement, a little too much repetition trying to get something right, like us they feel it they just don’t have the luxury of soaking in the bath and reaching for a packet – that is where our equine joint & muscle supplement comes into its own!



EquiSoy (See Below), Tricalcium Phosphate, Trimagnesium Phosphate, Corydalis Extract 10:1, Peppermint Extract, Rue Herb Extract 10:1, Calcium Sulphate, Rosehip Extract 10:1, Turmeric Extract 95:1 (Curcumin).

Included in Proflamaid Plus is Equisoy – Don’t confuse or relate this to by-products like soybean meal used in most horse feeds. Not only is it an amazing product, it is also oral grade (human quality and is used in health foods). This is full fat debittered soy flour, a palatable source of protein,  and is NOT an animal feed and it is certainly NOT a filler. Farmed in Australia, the EquiSoy contains NO GM Soya.



Iron .                E1 (14,000 mg) 2481 mg Iron

Zinc Sulphate E6 (36,790 mg) 13244 mg Zinc



Vitamin C 3a300 91806 mg

Nicotinic Acid 3a314 48652 mg

Vitamin E 3a700 24673 I.U.

Pantothenic Acid 23303 mg

Vitamin B6 3a831


Phosphorus 22925 mg/kg

Calcium 16583 mg/kg

Magnesium 6379 mg/kg

Sodium 243 mg/kg


Crude Protein 13.9%

Crude oils and fats 7.5%

Crude fibre 4.4%

Crude ash 0.02%

Further Technical Details

Worldwide Patent Numbers for ProflamAid Plus: 671681 & 5616324

A 5 Kg tub of ProflamAid Plus (£485) on standard maintenance 25g per day will last approximately 200 days = £2.43 per day or on low maintenance 10g per day it will last 500 days = £0.97 per day

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