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iFEED (1) One Stall Starter Pack (first time buyers)

iFEED (1) One Stall Starter Pack (first time buyers)

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Pay €186,33 in 3 monthly installments

Unit type - Hardware

Ideal for First-Time Buyers

The starter pack encompasses all essentials to initiate one horse on the iFEED system.
NOTE: When opting for an interior stall installation, please select the "stainless steel bracket" from the dropdown menu.

Included in the Starter Pack:
1 (one) iFEED unit.
1 (one) power supply/timer pre-wired with 14 feet of main wire.
1 (one) funnel of your choice.

Long: 10.5” L x 2.25” W
Short: 8.5” L x 3” W
1 (one) stainless steel bracket*
This bracket is exclusively used for indoor stall installations, safeguarding the bottom activator of the iFEED unit.
For installing within the stall, it's recommended to position the hopper at a height where the horse cannot extend its head over the top of the unit.
Ensure all wires are securely fastened and out of reach of the horse.
Never install the power supply inside the stall.
iFEED can be affixed to vertical bars, horizontal bars, mesh, and directly onto wooden walls. Installation hardware is provided.

Heavy-duty zip ties are also suitable and offer flexibility to relocate the unit if necessary.

The 2 amp power supply can support up to 16 units, making it convenient to expand your system for multiple horses on iFEED. Additional units and funnels are available for separate purchase. This enables simultaneous feeding of all your horses while still allowing individualized feeding quantities.

iFEED offers a 30-day money-back guarantee (excluding shipping). The product must be undamaged and in its original packaging for a full refund.


iFEED unit:
Length: 21”
Width: 10”
Depth: 7”
Capacity: 12 pounds

Long: 10.5” L x 2.25” W
Short: 8.5” L x 3” W

Power supply:
Length: 8”
Width: 7”
Depth: 4”

Straight back trough: 15.5” wide x 13” deep (front to back) x 17” tall.

Slant back trough: 15.5” wide x 13” deep (front to back) + additional 6” for slant x 15.5” tall (incl. slant)

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