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iFEED Power Supply & Timer

iFEED Power Supply & Timer

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Pay €39,99 in 3 monthly installments


Please consult the user's guide for comprehensive instructions on operating the power supply and timer.

  • iFEED offers a 30-day money-back guarantee (excluding shipping). The product must be undamaged and in its original packaging for a full refund.


iFEED unit:
Length: 21”
Width: 10”
Depth: 7”
Capacity: 12 pounds

Long: 10.5” L x 2.25” W
Short: 8.5” L x 3” W

Power supply:
Length: 8”
Width: 7”
Depth: 4”

Straight back trough: 15.5” wide x 13” deep (front to back) x 17” tall.

Slant back trough: 15.5” wide x 13” deep (front to back) + additional 6” for slant x 15.5” tall (incl. slant)

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