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Provita Lacteal Horse & Foal 35g syringe

Provita Lacteal Horse & Foal 35g syringe

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Maintain intestinal well-being and performance

Provita Horse and Foal Lacteal Paste supplies a source of live beneficial bacteria for the stabilisation of the intestinal microflora in horses and foals. The naturally occurring bacteria strains secrete digestive enzymes, allowing nutrients to be more easily absorbed, while the lactic acid producing strains colonise the horse’s intestine preventing the proliferation of harmful bacteria. In addition, they condition the gut, thereby reducing the impact of stress and diet change. Added vitamins will contribute to your horse’s wellbeing by counteracting vitamin deficiencies.

When to use:
• At birth
• Periods of stress
• Mare service/weaning
• Scouring
• After antibiotic therapy
• Competitions/Training
• Travel
• Appetite loss
• Diet changes

Available in a 35g calibrated dosing syringe, which facilitates ease of use.

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