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Horse Gym 2000

Trot Treadmill T2

Trot Treadmill T2

Pay in 3 monthly installments

Ergo-Trotters model, with a speed of approximately 25 km/h. Features a height-adjustable two-frame system, designed for minimal noise and easy maintenance.

  • Approximate speed of 25 km/h
  • Incorporates a fully automated monitoring system
  • Equipped with a digital display
  • Features a two-frame system
  • Allows separate switching between step and trot positions
  • Automatic height adjustment capability
  • Controlled by 9 different programs
  • Includes two ramps
  • Comes with an on/off hanger featuring shatterproof discs
  • Rear bar is adjustable
  • Also includes an examination stand
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  • Innovative Grassland and Forest Soil Technology

    • Soil composition resembles that of a naturally developed grassy terrain
    • Smoother and more even surface
    • Horse's optimal movement experience
  • Dual-frame Configuration with Adjustable Height

    • Incorporating electric height adjustment up to 10° degrees
    • Constructed from galvanized steel
    • Exceptionally durable and resilient
    • Requires minimal upkeep
  • Completely automated monitoring system

    • Substantially enhances safety
    • Smooth and gradual startup
    • Delicate deceleration
    • Emergency cessation
  • Anti-Skid ramp

    • Additional low-profile incline
    • Equipped with slip-resistant surfacing
    • Intended for comfortable walking
    • Can be folded for convenience
  • Guiding Rails

    • Smoother and more even movement
    • Enhances secure operation
    • Guards against wear and tear
    • Exhibits long-lasting durability
  • Shatterproof Side Windows

    • Offers a comfortable touch
    • Side walls resistant to breakage and impact
    • Provides safeguard against injuries
    • Simple to upkeep
  • Length:
    4.500 mm (with the ramp closed)
    7.900 mm (with one open ramp)
    11.000 mm (Space requirements)
    1.560 mm (incl. ascent / descent bows)
    1.750 mm (incl. control cabinet)
    2.200 mm (space requirements)
    2.000 mm
    3.000 mm (space requirements)

  • Weight treadmill:
    (without special equipment)
    1.800 kg
    Total weight:
    (without special equipment)
    1,800 kg
    Observe the static background
    Max. weight horse:
    900 kg

  • Treadmill:
    800 mm
    0 - 25 km/h
    small / equal 60 dB
    (without horse)