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Vitamunch Marvellous Meadow

Vitamunch Marvellous Meadow

The healthy snack that’s good to treat.

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A unique healthy, tasty, high fibre, low calorie and sugar fibre block that your horse or pony can enjoy at any time.

  • Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • With added red clover and nettle.
  • Suitable for those prone to laminitis or obesity.
  • Can be fed in a munch net, on the ground or soaked.

Manufactured under the BETA NOPS Scheme

Size: 1kg

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Additional Information

Horses are trickle feeders, which mean they would naturally spend 75% of their time eating. This ensures that their digestive system works at its best but sometimes daily routine or weight issues may result in their diet being restricted, and your horse not getting to snack as much as they would like!

Vitamunch Marvellous Meadow is a high quality, 1kg formed block of Timothy grass enriched with essential vitamins and minerals together with added horse-favourite herbs which they will naturally seek out when in the field – red clover and nettle. Vitamunch blocks are a fantastic way of keeping your horse occupied, happy and quiet in several scenarios:

Travelling in the trailer or horsebox.

Separation from companions



A snack between meals if your horse’s grazing has to be restricted.

The low sugar content of Vitamunch makes them an ideal snack or boredom breaker for horses or ponies prone to laminitis or obesity, and the airtight packaging not only means that they last for a year, but also maintains that ‘just harvested’ smell and freshness. 

Vitamunch blocks are a great way of helping your horse with their daily fibre intake, and can be fed in a number of ways to both extend your horse’s eating time, and keep them entertained:

Can be fed wet or dry

Can be fed in the stable, field or when travelling

Feed in our specially designed Munch Net

Place Vitamunch in the middle of a full haynet for an added surprise for your horse!