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Horse Gym 2000

Walk Treadmill S1 - Standard

Walk Treadmill S1 - Standard

Pay in 3 monthly installments

Sturdy build designed for minimal noise and easy upkeep. Our standard model featuring top-tier technology.

  • Approximate speed of 10 km/h
  • Includes a ramp
  • Completely galvanized
  • Incorporates start-up delay and soft stop features
  • Comprises a framing system
  • Weighs approximately 800 kg

A movement solution tailored for confined areas. The S1 treadmill presents the perfect answer for space-restricted environments, affording your horse movement within limited confines and an optimal complement to its exercise routine.

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  • Innovative Grassland and Forest Soil Technology

    • Soil composition resembles that of a naturally developed grassy terrain
    • Smoother and more even surface
    • Horse's optimal movement experience
  • Structural Framework

    • Constructed from galvanized steel
    • Exceptionally durable and resilient
    • Requires minimal upkeep
    • Excludes height adjustment
  • Start Delay and Gentle Halt

    • Substantially enhances safety
    • Smooth and gradual startup
    • Delicate deceleration
    • Emergency cessation
  • Anti-Skid ramp

    • Additional low-profile incline
    • Equipped with slip-resistant surfacing
    • Intended for comfortable walking
    • Can be folded for convenience
  • Guiding Rails

    • Smoother and more even movement
    • Enhances secure operation
    • Guards against wear and tear
    • Exhibits long-lasting durability.
  • Shatterproof Side Windows

    • Offers a comfortable touch
    • Side walls resistant to breakage and impact
    • Provides safeguard against injuries
    • Simple to upkeep
  • Length:
    3.500 mm (with the ramp closed)
    4.860 mm (with one open ramp)
    6.500 mm (Space requirements)
    1.320 mm
    1.500 mm (incl. control cabinet)
    2.000 mm (space requirements)
    2.000 mm
    3.000 mm (space requirements)

  • Weight treadmill:
    (without special equipment)
    1.500 kg
    Total weight:
    (without special equipment)
    2,300 kg
    Observe the static background
    Max. weight horse:
    900 kg

  • Treadmill:
    800 mm
    0 - 10 km/h
    small / equal 60 dB
    (without horse)